Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Watching CNN these last few days is like watching fish flopping on a beach, gasping for air (or water?). They were all geared up for the Republican National Convention, but then it was quasi-cancelled becuase of Hurricaine Gustav. So they all donned their rain gear and headed down to New Orleans to film the next disaster to hit the city, but the storm took a left turn at the last minute and there wasn't much death and destruction to film. So no RNC, no Gustav, no story.

Classic moment of the day, when a reporter asked a mother why, having not evacuated for Katrina, they decided to evacuate now. Brilliant reporting.

Of course, the other non-story is that the Republicans got away with murder, not having to a) showcase the dismal speaker that is McCain and opening him up to comparisons with the silver tongued lawyer from Chicago, and b) not having to showcase McCain together with Bush. They can turn the convention into a Hurricaine relief telethon and go home. Lucky.

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