Wednesday, 29 July 2009

So's your momma

Part of the problem that the Concertación has with Marco Enríquez Ominami is that, as this story in La Tercera shows, when it tries to hit Piñera, instead of MEO getting on the bandwagon, he bounces the critique back at the Concertación. While MEO might attract disaffected Concertacionistas who would otherwise have gone to Piñera, thereby hurting Piñera, it is increasingly clear that his real beef is with the governing coalition. This can be traced not only to how he was treated by Escalona, but goes back to Lagos' presidential campaign.

In short, MEO is at this point becoming a real headache for the Concertación. But should he not make it to the second round in January, or worse still, should Frei win the election, MEO's chances for a rapprochement are looking slim. Will MEO bring his people back into the fold? Will the Concertación take them? Will there still be a Concertación left to join? The real political quesiton of the MEO campaign, then, is how will the political cookies crumble.

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