Monday, 2 November 2009

Circus dogs

I have written about Carlos Larrain before. He is the president of Renovación Nacional, and as such one of the most prominent leaders of the coalition that supports Sebastián Piñera. He is one of the last remaining politicians that treats everyone as if they were labourers on his hacienda. He is a dinosaur. But he also has a big, ironic, mouth. This makes him a refreshingly frank politician.

Yet the combination of frankness and elitism can be tricky. So when he says that Concertación voters are like circus dogs, he is
  1. Saying that they vote without thinking.
  2. Saying that the Concertación is manipulating them.
  3. Saying that he has all but given up on attracting disaffected DC voters and concentrating on the undecideds.

As far as an electoral strategy, it's not much.

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