Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fair is Fair

The last couple of days have been dominated by the outcry over the Chilean ambassador to Argentina's Clarin interview, in which he defended the Pinochet dictatorship (or 'pronouncement', as he calls it). The government's first reaction was to say he did not speak for them, which is, at the very least, an odd position for an ambassador to be in. If he doesn't speak for the government, then what's he doing all day?

In the end, the media pressure was too much. Within two days, Otero was called back to Santiago, and resigned.

So, fair is fair, the Piñera government acted swiftly and controlled the damage. It has probably opened (yet again) a flank with the UDI, but on the other hand it can claim that it named a hardliner to an important post and he blew it. In other words, the government has another red mark in the UDI's notebook, and the UDI has another red mark in the government's notebook.

As Rick Blaine would have said, Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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