Thursday, 5 August 2010


My column in El Mostrador (or ElMo, as the Tuiteros call it) has caused quite a stir.

For some time now, I have suspected that Chile could be much more competitive if it was more open-minded. Patricio Navia and Eduardo Engel wrote a book along the same lines, calling for a level playing field. Since then, studies have come out in North America, most notably those of Richard Florida, that claim that open-minded societies are more creative, more open to new ideas, and therefore more prosperous. I am convinced that the only way that Chile will change is if the business class understand that being less conservative is good for business. There is nothing wrong with rational choice, as long as it's rational.

But lately, Chile seems to be going in the opposite direction. But what's worse, is that the current crew, even the most affable and gentle amongst them (like my friend José Miguel, who tweeted this only a few minutes ago) don't seem to get it.

But then, it is so hard to find good help these days.

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