Friday, 21 May 2010

Liveblogging the Presidential State of the Union IX

Clearly the theme of the speech is reaching a state of development.

He asks what is needed to get there. He says it's not resources but will.

Again, not true. It's resources, particularly of the human kind.

This underscores an attitude which has been present since the campaign, whose principal message was that his would be a government of similar policies but with better management -- the will and the skill to do things better. But so far there has been no evidence of this superior talent that the MBAs bring to government, so it is strange that now he would return to this theme.

Piñera thinks that governing is about setting targets and meeting them. He is quoting the questionable target which he set for getting students to return to school within 45 days of the earthquake.

And now he says they may not always meet other targets in the same way, but they will try. Great.

So the same policies but with better management, except when they can't.

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