Friday, 28 October 2011

Continuing the push for automatic voter registration

As I posted here, a few of us circulated a letter which was signed by academics, journalists, and others with an interest in public affairs, demanding that the political system implement automatic voter registration. Currently in Chile one has to register to vote, and voting is mandatory. Many people, especially youth, do not like the idea of making that kind of life-time commitment.

From a letter, a kind of movement has emerged. In this week's Qué Pasa magazine there is a profile of the movement. They interviewed some of us, which was fun because when you get 10 academics and politicians in a room being interviewed, the result is similar to when a robin returns to her nest and tries to feed ten hungry chicks.

Notwithstanding, it is good that we are getting exposure, as the ultimate objective is to pressure the political class, and especially those in Congress, to move forward - quickly - on a constitutional amendment passed in 2009, and which would totally change the electoral game. We might not see a massive movement of young people into the voting booths, but it would certainly increase the legitimacy of the system

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