Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Questions for Piñera (and Frei)

Andrew Sullivan has posted his reasons for leaving the Right (or, as he phrases it, why the Right has left him) (Kudos to Pablo Policzer).

The list includes a number of issues that should be asked of presidential candidates everywhere, but particularly the Right, because the Right professes to adhere to these things but then ignores them. These include things like limited government and fiscal restraint. But as Sullivan implies, for the current American Right limited government does not include matters of the bedroom (as Pierre Trudeau would have put it) or torture.

So it would be interesting to ask Chilean presidential candidates, and especially Sebastián Piñera (and it would be really interesting to ask someone like Pablo Longuiera, who may well be minister of something) whether torture is ever justified; whether evolution is just a theory among many, including Creationism; whether they favour a progressive tax system; what role faith should have in government.

If only we would have had a decent televised debate. If only we had decent journalists.

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