Thursday, 24 December 2009

MEO in el Mostrador

This came out a few days ago in El Mostrador, but in the pre-holiday rush I did not have time to link to it. So here it is.

The basic point is that the Concertación seems to have lost its way, not in terms of policy -- because I think it continue to be reasonably good at managing Chile -- but in political terms. There is no real leadership, no real ideology, no narrative, no epic.

The campaign line now is essentially, vote for us so that the other guy doesn't get in. That almost never works.

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Esteban Szmulewicz said...

An interesting complement for your argument can be seen in a recent article by Jorge Edwards, the chilean writter, in El País, Spain.
His line, if I understood it correctly, is that the "scare campaign" againts Piñera undermines the democratic value of the Concertación, because represents a fictional divission between those that can govern, because are progressivist, and those that cannot, because belong to the right-wing.