Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

I and the electoral campaign have been on something of a hiatus during the holiday season, but both of us gear up again today. But just as being back at work for one day makes you forget the holidays, being back on the campaign trail for one day makes the campaigns forget everything that went right or wrong in the previous weeks.

As a result, the political comments today from both campaigns seems to be a lot of talk, but saying very little. Just two offerings:

From the Piñera campaign: Frei seeks to "bring out old ghosts and hatreds"

From the Frei campaign: the Right "shows nervousness, loses its calm and composure"

This is pretty much representative of the level of political debate. But it doesn't seem to matter... electoral campaigns in the middle of summer vacations do not summon massive public attention. Which suggests that barring major earthquakes (geological or political), things remain on course for a Piñera win.

And it doesn't matter what Ominami says.

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