Sunday, 17 January 2010


Did my duty. My thumb is blue.

I have also observed that the streets of Santiago appear to be suddenly full of SUVs with dust on the back. My keen eye tells me that this means lots of people have returned from the coast and the country to vote. And the people who drive SUVs to the coast and the country probably vote for Piñera.

In other words, from a strictly anecdotal point of view, any hopes that the Concertación may have had that Piñera voters would not bother to interrupt their summer holidays seem to have been misplaced.

Similarly, my polling station, the Adventist School in Las Condes, was packed. Again -- not a sign of Piñeristas staying on the beach.

Meanwhile, Greg Weeks quite rightly points out that the close nature of this race, the internal dynamics and relationship between Piñera and his coalition, and the little experience the world has with a non-military right wing government in Chile, has meant that the press is a bit wobbly on what this all means.

They're not the only ones.

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