Sunday, 17 January 2010

President Piñera

In the end the predictions were a bit off. It wasn't as close as all that. Piñera won (51.6%, to Frei's 48.4%).

Many things go through one's mind. If you live in Chile, or if you study Chile, this is a big one. Like the Berlin Wall or the moon landing. As someone who does both, I need a few days to digest it all. But a few things can be said, so in honour of the shennanigans that have gone on in American late night TV this week, here's a top ten list.

10. Piñera ran a great campaign. Tight, well funded (no kidding!), and on message throughout.
9. The Concertación ran a lousy campaign at every level.
8. The Concertación could have one this but...
7. MEO is not to blame (he's still finished, though).
6. The Concertación knows what the problem is... renovation. I am not sure they know how to tackle it, however. The problem is not just generational.
5. There will not be much change in domestic policy.
4. There will likely be a shift in foreign policy. We'll be Colombia's new best friend.
3. Many will find the result unpleasant but reluctantly recognize that it's healthy. Like a visit to the dentist.
2. The UDI is going to cash in on what they think they have coming. Piñera is not going to hand it over so easily.
1. President Piñera. The rest is commentary.



Otto Rock said...


Insulza wudda beaten Piñera. Discuss.

Robert Funk said...

Could be. Frei was not a good choice. (In fact, it's not clear who 'chose' him). But the underlying problems would have remained. The Concertación did not speak to the middle class it created. Piñera did.

Esteban Szmulewicz said...

How would you carachterize this new middle-class Robert?? Is there any article or research you would recommend for understanding it?